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FDR Moscow

Russian team FDR Moscow
was established in 2006 on the territory of Moscow technical university MAMI.
First team included 5 members, who managed to build the first prototype of Iguana family by themselves, using only details and parts, which were provided by university.

11 years passed and now we have a team of 23 members of Moscow Polytechnic university, who created the most technically perfect prototype in Russia - Iguana G10t1.

Our team decided to go on and continue creating a history of russian autosport and will take part in 4 hours professional race Russian Endurance Challenge.




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Formula Student stages

Formula SAE

Formula SAE - international series of student competitions, which appeared in USA in1978. The main goal is to design, develop and build a racing prototype for Formula Student class. According the rules only students of technical universities can participate in such competitions. These international competitions are annually held all over the world

Design Presentation

In the process of «Design report» defense engineers are presenting their vision concerning development of prototype. In the process of «Cost report» defense, economists present to judges all the technical documentation, which contains detailed description of every system, from engine to bolts.

Cost Report

«Cost report» Economists of team have to substantiate all the expenses related to a prototype production.

Business Plan

While working on «Business plan» team members develop the strategy of product (prototype) realization. Following the main idea of this discipline, a team is like a company which is looking for investors.


Skid-pad - race against time on track, which has «8» shape. This competition challenge the car to show better stability on the track.


Acceleration - prototype should be accelerated on a straight and show best time result in a distance 75 meters.


Autocross - each of the pilots must show better time on the same track as for «Endurance». The result defines team orders in final race and also gives points.


Endurance - the most important discipline in every stage of competition. 22 km racing is a real challenge for pilots and for the vehicles. This part of competition gives the biggest amount of points and the winner should pass all the distance in shortest time. One of the parameter, which brings points is «Fuel efficiency». Each broken cones give you penalty points, which can spoil the result.